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Is Trayvon’s death his fault?

I’m analytical.  I look at things as 1s and 0s.  I pride myself on this.  Within 1 day of the Zimmerman trial I was positive that he would be found not guilty. 

Due to history of the Stand Your Ground law the defense had to prove a simple fact.

"Did Zimmerman feel threatened?"

That’s it. If he felt threatened and based on the history of rulings on this law, particularly for white men, all the defense had to do was prove Trayvon Martin of being a person who could incite fear…

He’s a black man.


Back to the title of this post.  I’ve had this nagging feeling throughout the whole case, and as more information was released it grew stronger and stronger.

I went to high school in Valrico, Florida.  Valrico is a suburb of Tampa, and it might just be one of the most segregated communities I’ve ever lived in.  The community is literally broken into different subdivisions, and each subdivision has a different socioeconomic status. 

I lived in the second richest area.

I did what Trayvon did every day of my life.  I rode bikes, I walked, and very often you could catch 17 year old me in a hoodie.  Every night you could catch me after dark walking from a friend’s house after playing video games or basketball in a hoodie.  I was stopped by neighborhood watch more times than I could count.

(Let’s ignore the fact that only 2 black families lived in my neighborhood so they should know who I am)

It was always the same thing. 

1. I slowly removed my hoodie,

2. I slowly faced whoever told me this was a “private” neighborhood.

3. I told them my name and address

4. I told them to feel free to give me a ride home.

There were situations where the neighborhood watch/rent a cops were a little over eager, and I always did the same thing. I was calm, quiet, courteous, and non threatening.

I’ve always lived in predominantly white areas, and when I was about 12 years old my father, who’s in law enforcement, gave me the speech every little black boy should get 1000x

You are guilty before proven innocent.  People are stupid, racist, and violent.  You must be better, smarter, kinder just to be equal to your peers.  Your white friends are not your peers in the eyes of society.

When I hear about Trayvon fighting back part of me just thinks…

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Didn’t you get the speech? Don’t you realize that being a black man in America is the equivalent of being registered as a deadly weapon. (direct quote from my father)

Why did Trayvon confront Zimmerman?

Why did he believe he had rights?

Why didn’t he humble himself before this white man?

Stupid fucking kid why…why?

These are the thoughts that have been nagging at the back of my head and it disgust me.  It disgust me that one day I’ll have to tell my nephew/future son he’s 3/5 of a person.  He’s a threat.  He’s a menace. It doesn’t matter what he’s accomplished. It doesn’t matter that he’s a walking miracle.  That the authority figures that have been put in place to maintain order exist to maintain an order where he’s less than a person.  That any random white man can end his life because of his own ignorance.

Trayvon’s death is our fault. He was brought into a world that targets, ridicules, profiles, and hates him before he opens his mouth.  We did not show him the realities of this world.  We let him believe that he was protected, different, and invulnerable.  We let him grow up thinking that his socioeconomic place differentiated him from the “thug” culture that he saw on TV.  We allowed him to believe that his cause would receive a fair and balance effect.

We let him believe he was equal.

Yeezy Will Never Read This

I titled this post for a specific reason.  This post is for you.

The person who bravely clicked the link about the most over saturated topic on the internet.  Thank you for having so much faith in this long forgotten tumblr that you clicked the link. Let’s get into it.

Let’s consider this a bit of an open letter to everyone.

Dear everyone.

I remember. I was there. I was with you when Yeezy broke the scene when you were in highschool/college/entry level.  I was there when you heard college dropout for the first time, and were amazed there was an artist who so accurately captured your day to day struggle. You’d never sold drugs, you couldn’t afford a benz, and you’d never been in a shootout.

Your ass definitely worked at the GAP. Your ass definitely thought school was a scam.Your ass definitely thought there was something more.
  Your ass definitely could identify with this artist from Chicago.  He was your voice. 

You dressed like him, or better yet he was dressing like you.  You went to his shows.  You loved his bragadocious nature, and especially the fact that he let the world know that polos and boat shoes were cool.

Then he did it again.


He was your misunderstood friend who’s genius, like your own, was poorly received by the world.  He was your archetype for how success would be treated.  Maybe you wouldn’t rub shoulders with Jay Z, but your CEO would compliment your suit in the hall.


Then he dropped some auto tuned shit. Then some cool shit with a hero. Then some artsy shit. Then some blasphemous shit.

Where has your friend gone? Where was the artist who so eloquently told your story, and was noted as a genius (therefore making you a genius)

He never existed.

Kanye is not your friend. Kanye doesn’t give a shit about your story.  Kanye is not your voice.

He’s a fucking artist.

When I hear someone say 808s blah blah blah is no Graduation I cringe.  808s was the beginning of one of the most magnificent artistic shifts of our generation.  Kanye has done 1 thing his whole career.

Shared his story.

The good. the bad. the ugly. the amazing. It was all his story, and he tells it well.  When I listen to 808s I’m listening to genius.  I’m listening to someone who blended and shattered genres to create one of the most emotionally evocative albums of my lifetime.  Adele is a phenomenal singer. Corrine Bailey Rae is soulful as the fuck. Kanye is a prodigy.  The thing that you hated most about 808s is it’s most amazing aspect. He took autotune, a crutch of the untalented, and shifted it to something more.

808s & MBDTF are the ghost in the machine. Kanye dealing with immeasurable emotional pain and relying on the autonomic part we all have.  I can listen to Runaway and Pinnochio story 1000x. The autotune distorting his voice and showing the eventual victory of the machine

Now I’m no music critic. I could be totally fucking wrong. Kanye could’ve just saw autotune smoked a blunt and said “Fuck it”.

Let me land this plane.

I see us turning into them. The people who don’t appreciate growth.  We value new only when it’s unheard of. We want the latest and greatest not the next iteration. I use Yeezy as a platform for this soap box because I see us getting trapped in a repetitive state trying to recreate the feelings of days long gone. 

We want that old thing back.

Yeezy is an easy platform because it’s simply objective fact that he’s a musical genius. His growth is amazing, and his constant reengineering of story telling is phenomenal. Yeezus is a triumph. Maybe not your favorite album, but as a work of art…Perfect.

Leave the past in the past and appreciate the future for what it is.  Growth.


A nigga with a tumblr

What is #CRVS

The easy definition is that #CRVS is the Capitol Region Vice Society, but we wouldn’t write a blog if this shit was meant to be easy.

If you’ve never seen ‘The Warriors’ I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.  New York is divided into 100s of small gangs all fighting to maintain their little bit of territory.  The leader of the largest gain has called a meeting with no violence allowed to share a simple fact.

We have the numbers.

We have the numbers.

With the Numbers we can run it all.

Can you dig it?

The leader of the gang summit was speaking of a violent uprising against the police. 

We’re good on that

What we want is to incite an uprising against shame.

A member of the Capitol Region Vice Society needs only 2 things to join.

1.       A Vice

2.       $5 (http://www.therealdemigods.com/view-all/)

We are in the midst of another urban renaissance.  All along the east coast the artist, the dreamers, the individuals are commanding respect.  This isn’t a demigods’ product. This is a movement.

Can you dig it?

Can you dig it?






Demigods Fall/Winter 2012 #AfterHours coming soon

Demigods Fall/Winter 2012 #AfterHours coming soon

Clothes are not an option #AfterHours

Clothes are not an option #AfterHours

$200 Dates, A$$ Eating, Natural Hair and other twitter topics

Wow feels different to be writing in the tumblr….

Forgot how this shit feels.

It’s like being a power ranger…On a side note do you remember the original power rangers, and how they’d always get their ass kicked by the Putty for about 1 minute.  After that minute they’d all get kicked into a pile, and then they’d morph.  Here are some things I always wondered as a kid.

1. Why don’t the putty just shoot these kids?

2. Why don’t they attack them when they begin the morphing process?

3. Why do you fight the putty without morphing?

4. When they got big how did they always end up away from Angel Grove. You can’t be scrapping in the middle of the city get big, and then be off in the mountains?

Sorry I could spend hours discussing old tv shows. Let’s get into it.

$200 DATES

Dating is expensive:

Drinks before a movie: $23 (2 drinks including tip)

Movie: $45 (2 tickets, 2 drinks, popcorn, nachos)

Dinner: $75 (3 star to 4 star restaurant)

Almost $150.

I think the reason this topic keeps coming up is because men are sensitive.  When a woman says, “I only date ___” If we don’t fall into this subsection of men we get offended.  So let’s kill this subject by giving you some simple math to boost the frail male ego.

To be the richest 1% of the world you only need to make $34,000 according to the World Bank.

In comparison beauty is recognized scientifically as facial proportions that occur in 28% of the population. 

Beauty is a little bit like diamonds.  Diamonds aren’t a scarce or valuable resource. They just have great marketing.  There are much more beautiful people than people who possess means.  Therefore, a small percentage of beautiful women actually are worth a $200 date.

Let me give you some advice.

Next time you consider going on a date with a woman purely for her beauty put that money in a savings account.  If you like chicks with long hair, and you dropping $200 on a date save that money and after a couple missed dates you can fly to pretty much anywhere in the world, and see just how standard long hair is.  You like girls with that good Remy. Fly to India.  You like big asses. Brazil.

A$$ Eating

This is a short and simple convo. It happens and odds are you’ll probably do it.  Whenever I think of ass eating I think of my freshman year of college.  There was this guy in our dorm who bragged about eating the box.  He was ridiculed.  Then visitation started, and he was the first dude with a girl in the dorm.  We all thought he was gross.  By sophomore year we all had gone downstairs, and sharing the stories.

That’s how I view ass eating.  It’s just a matter of time.  Some of y’all are just early to the party.

Natural Hair

Straight men don’t care at all.  You look good or you don’t.

Attraction to your Cousin

Shit happens. Just don’t follow through.

White twitter

It’s just a lot of Michael Buble lyrics

Comment below. Tell us some other topics and we can get into it.

The youth is the future

Am I in a Serious Relationship?

        Hey guys we miss the hell out of you.  I know the post have been rare, but we’re working on our latest release and promoting our summer of screw releases so…priorities.  Anyways like I’ve said before the post are the direct result of our personal lives, and I’ve been giving advice and thought I’d share these gems.

We’ve already told you how important it is to have attractive female friends.  Attractive female friends put you on game, show you their weaknesses, and hold you accountable.  In a recent conversation with one of my attractive female friends she really got on me about my lazy dick game.  She said I need to spend time planning the nasty things I’m gonna do to a girl, and then practice.  Needless to say I’m in the lab working up the perfect mixture. 

Let me get on subject though.

Pretty girls have pretty girl issues.  Pretty girls probably have more issues with men then unattractive, or mediocre girls.  When a man pulls a regular girl it’s because he’s really attracted to her overall, or he’s so fucking blunt that she’s just a nut that she know where she live.  Men trying to get bad chicks take them to fantasy island.  I have one friend who prides himself on taking women into “our world”  he literally connects his actions with a girl to giving her little bits of cocaine she can only get from “our world.”

Once every 3 months I’m giving them advice on the latest or guy that they’ve absolutely fallen in love with and are building there future.  This could be a new guy who sold her a dream, or the same guy who has them going up and down like a cat with a piece of string.  It’s almost comical to have these convos because they’re positive they’re special, but they’re not.  All men and women are the same.  My first step in giving advice is to let them know the frivolity of their romantic relationship. 

1.       if you think your man is cheating he probably is

2.       Y’all are not romeo & Juliet.

3.       He’s not the 1 guy in the world for you.

So after a lot of objective research I’ve been able to break down what makes a relationship serious, and how to judge if what you have is real.

 I.                    Sex (20%)

The amount of sex you have during the business week says a lot about your relationship.  Note I said the business week.  If your man is giving you that good stroke between Sat- Sun he’s giving his girlfriend that better stroke Mon-Fri.  Sex is a pleasurable form of communication.  The quality of sex is directly proportional to the openness of communication.  If he’s really getting it it’s because you guys are open to each other in the most primal way possible.  Electricity, pheromones, and fluids literally pass through open pores on the skin. 


Let’s be real though good sex a relationship doesn’t make.  I’ve knocked down some girls who I couldn’t stand, but we were fine in that department because we had clear communication.  If your partner is a beast in the bedroom and a kitten everywhere else than your relationship is 20% serious.

If you’re in a long distance relationship than obviously you won’t reach the full 20%.  Come up with your own gauge of the quality of sex, but if that back door is off limits, condoms are used, and the top is sporadic you definitely aren’t at 20%


II.                  The Ease of Lying (50%)

This is easily the most important part of understanding how real your relationship is.  How easy is it for you guys to lie to each other?  If you’re in a long distance relationship your partner could have a whole side relationship and still be the perfect person to you.  Let me tell you guys a little story. 


In college I had a homie who had a girlfriend he kept her laced, fed her, smanged her lights out, and everyone on campus knew they were a couple.  He also knocked down at least 10 girls while they were together.  I witnessed a couple of these endeavors.  He was a very gregarious outgoing dude, and she was a homebody.  He would knock down all types of chicks and then just come back to her dorm room with some Full Yum and act like everything was kosher. 


I want you to take a moment and really think how easy it would be for your partner to lie to you.  I don’t even think cheating is that big of deal, but that’s a whole different post.  If you’re the type of person who knows when people are lying to you then you got it worst of all because you let them get away with it.


Is your relationship on a schedule?

Do you know that phone/email/twitter/facebook password?

Is your significant other “busy?”


A lot of relationships are founded on declining lies.  We present our best possible self, and as time goes by we settle into who we really are.  Once we meet the REAL person the REAL relationship begins and if it’s easy to keep up the lie then obviously your relationship isn’t very real.


Do you know where your boo is right now?


III.                If that person died? (30%)

I know this is a tough question. You go through all these emotional issues, and just think about how broken you would be? You might never love again?  They’ve said losing a job is equitable to a death in the family? The uncertainity, the shock, the concerns, but you just get back out there and find a new job out of necessity.


If your boo died today what would change in your life?

Are you raising a child alone?

Could you pay your bills?

Would you have to move?

Would you have to plan their funeral?

How much of their stuff is at your house vice versa?


We are young, not that young, but young enough where we tend to dramatize the importance of relationships.  Clearly relationships are not that REAL when divorce is 50%.  Those people had to fill out paperwork, contact insurance, move, split accounts.  You’ve been fucking the same dude for 3 months, and it’s the realest relationship you’ve ever been in.

No boo boo

Real relationships have a carbon foot print.  In a real relationship you are building something so a great way to know the quality of what you’re building is to assess how difficult destroying it would be.  I know folk been together a couple years, and if they just called it quits right now they’d both be good in a month or 2 minus the emotional shit.  The emotional shit is where we get fucked up.  The emotional shit is what makes us pine for exes who played the shit out of us, or miss a relationship that we were only half committed too to begin with.


 That’s it.  Those 3 criteria will let you know just how real your shit is.  If I were a betting man I’d say most of y’all are shooting around 35% real. Good sex, not very difficult to lie, and you’d be just fine if they died.


Happy Monday

Snow White & The Huntsman Review part 2

The Demigods fuck with Game of Thrones.  Like seriously, we FUCK with Game of Thrones.  We had a small gathering, and cooked food that was reminiscent of Westeros.  We’re reading the books as well, and we can’t help but note the casualness of rape.  If you’re a woman in Westeros and you get caught unawares that ass is getting raped.  It’s a part of life.

I felt that fear of the inevitable while watching the previews for Snow White.

This girl was at the crib chilling and we were watching the network sponsored by Jordan shootings and huggies, B.E.T.  She was explaining to us why the television show we were watching was phenomenal.  I began to notice that all the commercials were trash payday loans, hair creme, and Vokal.  I realized that the commercials truly represent what the advertisers think of people who watch this show.  Next time you watch a show check the commercials; if you don’t see at least one luxury car commercial you gotta flip the channel.


The fucking previews sucked.  We literally booed.

Ok I’m not going to go through a step by step of how bad this movie was, but I can walk you through the emotional track that I went through.

0-30 min Green Mile:

I was just a big kindly gorilla man who was a little simple and I just wanted to help all the white people.  I watched Charlize Theron and I tried to use my magic negro powers to get her to stop overacting.  I looked at Thor, and wondered why the fuck he was in Snow White?  No seriously, apparently my magic nigga powers were on the fritz because Thor was in the movie.  Not the actor that played thor…ACTUAL THOR! Accent and all.  I’m watching the movie asking my friends, “Why ain’t thor just lightning this bitch?”  Needless to say after 30 min I abandoned my magical nigga powers because there was no hope of saving this film

30-60 min Pulp Fiction

I turned from a magical negro to a bad ass.  I was Ving Rhames in my seat just calling the shots.  This motherfucking movie was trash, and I was gonna get my money’s worth.  I encouraged the kids heckling the screen (Chinatown), and talked openly to my friends around me.  Then I got caught up and put in the backroom.  It’s hard to describe what happened next, but it involved a ball gag, Bella from Twilight eye fucking a troll, and a deer getting shot.  Then I saw the light and was saved.

60-90 min Shawshank Redemption

I had been saved! The rape was over, and they’d finally killed this bitch.  She was sleeping and I knew the film was close to over.  I knew the film was about to end and they would have a part 2. I was wrong.  I was in for another 30 min of battle.  The battle at the end was kind of thorough, but bitch I’ve seen LOTR.  Y’all ain’t coming for Petey Jack.  I had busted into the sewage pipe and was crawling through muck.  As I held my breath trying to keep the shit out of my mouth I eventually broke through, and screamed in the rain.  I WAS FREE!! THE MOVIE WAS OVER!!!

Once again I encourage you to judge your taste by the people around you.  The theater started clapping, and some teenage hood girls with 62 colors on said, “That movie was good as shit.”  Whoever created the trailer for Snow White & The Huntsman deserves an Academy Award for greatest hustler of ever.

That’s it